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Whether small, medium, big box, inbound material or outbound distribution facilities, warehousing depends on systems. Accurate control of inventory, flexibility and responsiveness are key ingredients to a successful warehouse outsourcing project. We maintain a partner relationship that offers us a world class proprietary WMS (Warehouse Management System). The WMS enables us to quickly adapt and respond to your specific requirements and efficiently perform order fulfillment functions. With established Min-Max levels and full inventory visibility, we take the guess work out of warehousing. Imperium Logistics has the experience to operate dedicated and multi-tenant warehouses, as well as, within customer owned / leased facilities.


At Imperium Logistics, we have experience in operations of multiple consolidation centers that help customers control transportation costs. Whether optimizing inbound material flow or outbound distribution of finished goods into destination specific shipments, we have capacity and access to facilities with storage capability to help you achieve (and exceed) transportation and customer responsiveness objectives.

Project Management

Every project is unique, and at Imperium Logistics, our experience allows us to provide management for both large and small scale projects with the same proficiency. We can apply our transportation/logistics expertise to help you through those difficult situations that arise on either a short or long term basis. From development to completion, Imperium Logistics, and our partners, are the answer to your logistics – value added project management needs.

Line Side Delivery

A relatively young but growing outsourced service, Line Side Delivery involves much more than merely delivering material to the point of use. Our professionals work with clients to re-engineer line side storage locations, storage volume, presentation and delivery methods. Line Side Delivery enhancements support the principles of lean and World Class operations.

Material Handling

We have extensive experience in efficient, safe and practical material handling that goes well beyond traditional fork lift operation. We design alternative handling methods specific to your needs for every application including receiving, put away, picking and staging with the goal of increasing speed of access, safety and reducing or controlling traffic and congestion.


Repacking takes many forms and is usually quite unique from one application to another. Our repack programs are critical to our your bottom line. Whether involving disassembly / reconfiguration of material for a manufacturing environment, or product according to end user specifications, we can assist your specific repacking needs.

Order Fulfillment

We have the ability to handle the entire order fulfillment process, from warehousing and receiving orders from your customer to providing the pick and pack of the material for shipment. We can also offer additional value-added services to your order fulfillment needs, whether it be labeling, packaging, repacking, kitting, or assembly, all services that provide an enhanced value to the order fulfillment process.


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