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Transportation Services

Transportation Services

Imperium Logistics LLC, is a multi-faceted provider of Transportation Services. We have the ability to handle all your transportation needs – no matter how big, or small. With our expertise we can provide logistic solutions to meet your specific needs and demands, regardless of the transportation mode. We can customize our services on a local, national, or international basis through our network of partner Logistics organizations. Our goal… is to be your first choice as a total transportation provider.

Flatbed Services:

At Imperium Logistics, our Flatbed operation offers logistics solutions to accommodate the movement of commodities that require open platform equipment. Our availability and capacity consists of over 2,500 flatbed trailers that range in size from 40-53 feet in length, allowing us the opportunity to haul most anything, regardless of length and or shape. Check out our dimensions and loading guide in our ‘Capability Brief’ tab of our website.

Specialized & Heavy Haul:

Imperium’s Specialized transportation operation offers logistics solutions based on the unique handling and demands of various manufactures. We can provide service on those loads that require specialized equipment to accommodate their size and or special loading and receiving requirements. Our available capacity includes a fleet of several different specialized trailers including but not limited to multi-axle trailers, stepdecks, double drops, extendables, conestogas, pole trailers, blade trailers, and schnabbles.

Manufacturing & Oil Field Transportation Operations:

Imperium’s specialized Manufacturing and Oilfield Operation has the capability to handle all the transportation demands of a manufacturing or oil and natural gas industry / facility. Whether it’s pipe or the rig itself, this unique fleet provides several different modes to transport the products associated with this business such as; specialized or multi-axle trailers, flatbeds, vans, hotshots, winch trucks, power only, and drive away services.

Van / Trailer Operations:

Imperium maintains a capacity and relationship with over 3,200, 53′ foot trailers. We have the ability to provide service for shippers regardless of the volume. We have the capability to provide trailer pools for high volume shippers as well. This allows for after hour pickups and deliveries to meet the customer’s needs. We can also provide service as a dedicated or irregular route carrier regardless of the origin or destination. Anywhere, and at anytime, we are here to serve your transportation needs.


Refrigerated transportation and our partner temperature controlled units provide services for commodities that need to be protected from heat as well as cold. Whether they are agriculture products, sensitive machinery or metals – our fleet or our contracted partners, can protect the commodities shipped to ensure they arrive at the requested destination in the same fashion they were shipped.


We offer dedicated shuttle services in conjunction with warehouse operations or independent of other services. These can operate as closed loop shuttles between warehouse and plant or in a local, defined geographic area for collection routes from suppliers or to customers.


Imperium’s partner owned and operated dedicated transportation companies conveniently and safely collect or distribute your material or goods through “milk runs” or round trip strategies. We also offer route analysis and design to compliment this service. Our goal is to serve you and limit your unnecessary transportation expenses.

Drive Away:

Imperium’s partner fleet of qualified drivers allows us the ability to drive various pieces of equipment our customers have manufactured to the final destination. This equipment includes defense items such as military vehicles, as well as ambulances, fire engines, sweepers and other customer owned vehicles. We also provide power only to pull customer owned trailers.

Truck Load Brokerage:

At Imperium, we offer our client shippers a wide range of customized transportation, logistics and supply chain management solutions. We are partnered with some of the industries predominant players in the truckload industry – opening a capacity of over 10,000 qualified carriers in our system. This increases our equipment options and gives us greater flexibility to meet your needs. Up-to-date load availability on our National Load Board gives approved carriers visibility and helps to supplement our shipper’s personal demands.

Switching and Yard Management:

We offer dedicated switching services dependent or independent of other services for medium to large velocity locations anywhere in the United States. Efficient switching operations reduce overall facility cost by maximizing velocity, yard space and door usage while minimizing labor.

Our YMS (Yard Management Service) – provides the means to customize a yard management program that suits your needs exactly. By documenting, inventorying and controlling trailers or containers, yard activity is optimized, inventory visualized and safety maximized, offering our customers ease of mind and needed cost savings.

Transportation Management:

At Imperium, we also offer a total transportation management program for your unique and specific business needs by utilizing our years of experience in all modes of transportation including truck, ocean, rail and air. Through our own, or our partner services, we offer carrier procurement, mode optimization, shipment planning and execution all by using our state of the art transportation management systems and personnel expertise.